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If you’re interested in medicines, have a curious mind and love working in a team, then there are plenty of people who would like to talk to you about a new career path!

In the UK there are over 150 healthcare communications agencies working in the main for the pharmaceutical industry, helping shape conversations with medical professionals, patients, and consumers, creating disease awareness campaigns and developing content about the latest developments in science and medicine. Recently, many healthcare communications Agencies have expanded the size of their teams to meet the increased work from their clients, so our sector has many new job opportunities. 

In the last 3 years we have seen very significant growth in the healthcare communications industry. According to our annual benchmarking survey, last year the average growth per Agency was around 14%. The only thing standing in the way of further rapid growth is our need for more talented people to join our industry. As a result, we are now looking to other job sectors to find this new talent.

The industry is now looking further afield for people with transferable skills and are offering fast-track programmes with accelerated training and a focus on career development. Once inside the industry, there are multiple career paths including working directly for the pharmaceutical or medical devices industry, healthcare charities or government bodies or specialising in a discrete area such as digital communications or patient advocacy.

The Healthcare Communications Association represents those who work in the sector and has over 100 member organisations. It provides valuable careers advice and support, as well as training programmes for its members. Visit to learn more about the work, hear from people who work in this fast-paced sector and for practical advice about what to do next and who to speak to. And, hopefully, you will be starting a new career in healthcare communications soon…

Mike Dixon, CEO of the Healthcare Communications Association