Lorna Campbell

Lorna Campbell
Job Title
Account Manager
Current Agency
Clark Health Communications
My qualifications
First class honours BSc Biomedical Sciences, Newcastle University
My career path
2016 Jan – Aug
Ashfield Healthcare: Medical Sales Representative
2016 – Present
Clark Health Communications (CHC); from Junior Account Exec to Account Manager
My first healthcare communications Agency role
CHC, JAE. I enjoyed a ‘Science Communications’ module I studied at University, but had no idea of our industries’ existence (we covered journalists, science museums etc.). Following my first job, I desperately trawled through science and PR related graduate positions on milk round and stumbled upon the JAE role at CHC.
My typical week
I begin my week writing my to-do lists.  Some days I’m in early for a media sell-in, hitting the phones to catch journalists, or media monitoring. It’s always a memorable high when you achieve your first bit of coverage! Others I might be out of the office, meeting clients and running advisory boards or medical education events. Mostly though, I spend time emailing, developing content and discussing projects with my team.
What advice would you give someone looking to join a healthcare comms Agency
The best thing you can do is get involved– jump in with both feet and offer your help with anything big or small. Remember to remain curious and ask questions; why are we doing what we do?
My proudest moment
Alongside four other team members, we delivered a two day International Summit for over 900 HCPs. It entailed months and months of hard work, but I learnt so much at an early stage in my career. It was hugely successful, making me so proud to stand with my team.
My greatest challenge or frustration
Conflicting deadlines can be challenging especially if the whole of the team is busy, but nobody ‘leaves a man behind’, so people will pitch in where they can and make sure you aren’t working late alone. A frustration can be feeling like a pest repeatedly asking for feedback.
What 3 skills do you think are most important in your role?
Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?
I love variety– something this career definitely provides. I hope that in five years I have gained breadth and depth across the different healthcare comms services, so that once I’m more senior I can really help others to develop. It would also be great to work abroad somewhere.