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Top Tips For Interviews

  • Look at the organisation website and prepare questions about the company structure, their values, the offer, the clients and the opportunities
  • Understand and prepare well for the interview process: how many interviews will be needed, will you need to do any tests or any presentations
  • Know who you will be meeting and prepare questions relevant to their role and the role for which you are being considered
  • Have examples prepared (and bring anything relevant to show), that demonstrate your relevant skills and experience, especially in those areas identified in the section  What skills / type of person are we looking for in healthcare communications?
  • Make sure you meet with people at your level so you can get a feel for what it is like day-to-day
  • Understand how you will be managed, who will be your line manager and how often they will spend time with you
  • Ask about the available training and on-the-job coaching, have an idea about what training you think you need
  • Be clear on the organisation's expectations of you, especially if this is your first time working in the sector
  • Have realistic expectations for your starting salary / benefits package and discuss how this might progress as you develop in your role