Emily Cotgrove


Emily Cotgrove

Job Title

Account Manager

Current Agency

Four Health Communications

My qualifications

BSc degree in Biochemistry MBBS degree in Medicine and Surgery

My career path

2017 - 2019 NHS - Junior Doctor
2019 - Four Health: Senior Account Executive, Account Manager

My first healthcare communications Agency role

Four Health Communications, Senior Account Executive.
I found Four online, loved its ethos and that it is a leader in its field. The projects looked really interesting and the social media accounts portrayed the friendly and positive work environment.

My typical week

Each day is varied. Monday starts with a team briefing and chance to share the upcoming events for the week. Most days there are calls or meetings with clients and internal team members to discuss current projects. The rest of the time is a mixture of brainstorming new ideas, organising project aspects and creating content. We can also get involved in the finance aspect of each project which helps us see the overall process. Four is an integrated agency so we work closely with other departments.

What advice would you give someone looking to join a healthcare comms Agency

Research recent projects the agency has done and try to meet as many people in your department through the interview process. It was really useful to ask questions such as what day to day life is like and pros/cons of the work.

My proudest moment

Making the change - it is a challenge to move from one career path to another. However, skills are applicable and you can bring a different experience to a team. Four are great at offering training and I am really enjoying the projects and being a part of the team.

My greatest challenge or frustration

There are many new acronyms, words and processes that I am learning but I feel I am progressing each day. I am excited to get more and more involved with each project and see the results as we complete them.

What 3 skills do you think are most important in your role?

Communication - for clients and between team members
Time management
Team work

Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?

To progress in the field and within Four to have a greater impact on the health of the population as well as the company. To be able to train up new employees and share my knowledge and experience.