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If you’re interested in medicines, communications and helping to improve patient outcomes, have a curious mind and love working in a team, then there are plenty of people who would like to talk to you about a new career path!


The role of healthcare communications is to help shape conversations between pharmaceutical and medical device companies, medical professionals, healthcare providers, patients, and consumers. This work includes things like creating disease awareness campaigns, coordinating health related events, promoting health initiatives, and developing content and ways to communicate about the latest developments in science and medicine. Like the work itself, the career paths within healthcare communications are diverse, incorporating specialisations such as digital, creative and design, events management, medical writing, publication planning, PR, patient advocacy, corporate communications, insights research, consultancy, and project management.


Healthcare communications roles exist in various types of organisations: pharmaceutical and medical device companies; healthcare communications agencies which provide services to those companies; and medical charities who support patients living with health conditions.


 Our sector is continuing to grow, providing many new job opportunities. In fact, one of the main challenges is finding more talented people like you to join the healthcare communications sector. As well as a strong intake of those at the start of their careers, the industry is always looking for people with transferable skills and offers fast-track programmes with accelerated training and a focus on career development.


Please use this website to find out more about the amazing career opportunities in healthcare communications and to identify companies that are looking for somebody just like you.


We then look forward to hopefully meeting you soon in your new role and welcoming you to the exciting healthcare communications sector.